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Exhibition Statement


​I am always considering the line where art and communication intersect. As a designer, I am responsible for communicating visually to others, and this body of work is exploring exactly what we need to successfully communicate meaning. With this work I am asking the question: What information do we need to truly understand what it is that we are seeing?

We are constantly filling our minds with the material that we find around us through our senses, attempting to understand our environment. The flawed, complicated and inhuman ways that we communicate in our digital world degrade and complicate our ability to communicate with accurate meaning, through the layers of abstraction. My work illustrates this, and incorporates layers of digital abstraction and fracturing of photographs, leading to the deconstruction and reconstruction of images of the body. ­

​This work focuses on the way that these new forms hover around the line of unrecognizable, but don’t ever completely cross. I am asking the viewer to actively engage to understand and dissect the images. The goal of my work is to challenge the viewer’s perception, in the moments that they may not recognize the shapes, to when the parts suddenly fuse into being a form that they know and can engage with. This series was displayed in Gallery 406.

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